Why Don’t They Have Any Money?

I was listening to the radio one day this week. The program was about politics. I wasn’t paying all that much attention but one sentence caught my ear. The person speaking was from California and said they couldn’t do whatever the topic was because “we don’t have any money.”

I immediately thought, “Why not?” I know the economy has been rough but have things really been that much more difficult in California? Don’t the residents pay state taxes like we do here in Missouri?

What kind of industries are there in California? I think of farming, the military (big base at San Diego for example), the whole Silicon Valley thing, logging, wineries, movie making, etc. Seems to me that some of the people involved should be making money and paying taxes.

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1 Response to Why Don’t They Have Any Money?

  1. andystaxes says:

    Residents here pay BIG taxes and we just keep paying and paying and paying! It’s like we’re supposed to feel “privileged” just because it’s California! I’m a tax preparer and the state is continually reminding us about an additional tax they decided they want us to put on everybody’s return. Oh yeah….that’s right…it’s not “additional”…it was always there…they’ve only now decided they want to crack down on it. You’re right…..big bucks generated in this state, big taxes….but it’s never enough. Now we’ve been notified the state plans to levy the bank accounts of people who owe back taxes. Um…..what don’t they get?? People have been paying through the nose to live here for so long, there’s no money IN bank accounts anymore!

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