People Watching Is Fun

I find people watching to be fun. It’s hard not to stare when someone catches my attention but I do try to be mindful of that.

Sunday I went out to lunch. In the restaurant at a nearby table was a family group … Mom, Dad, two sons who were adults or near adults. The older son ordered something very small for his lunch … maybe it was just an appetiser. Once he had eaten it, he left. I saw him later sitting in the lobby watching the lobster tank. The father ordered a fish sandwich with fries for his meal. I couldn’t quite believe it when I saw him carefully pick the lettuce and tomato off his sandwich. I wondered why he hadn’t asked for them to be left off when he ordered his meal. Mom had a big platter of stuff. She tried to get older son to eat some of it when he had scarfed his “meal” down so quickly but he refused. She ended up getting two take-home boxes so she could put the fries from three plates in it and then whatever was left on her platter in the other.

At another table was a different family group. This one included Grandmother who was quite elderly and needed to use a walker. My eye was caught when they were leaving. Grandmother had a plastic cup of water or some drink and had just picked it up to take a drink. Mom took it out of her hand, helped her out of her chair and guided her hands to her walker and started her out of the restaurant. I felt sorry that Grandmother didn’t get to have her water.

Yesterday I stopped for a bowl of soup for lunch. The weather was fairly warm, probably in the 80s. So I wasn’t surprised to see a young girl wearing short shorts in the restaurant. But I nearly did a double take when I got to her feet. She was wearing boots which came almost halfway to her knees. Not exactly a good look.

As Art Linkletter used to say, “People are funny.”

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