Need to Get Knitting

I’m being very lazy about getting my knitting done. I have swatches to knit for Joann’s classes. I also need to knit a class sample for a July class. Need to buy the yarn for that. Usually I can get by with just a swatch but I’ll have to buy the three balls required for this one since a swatch just won’t do it. Too bad I can’t use the leftover yarn from the last class sample I knit. I had to buy a 4 ounce skein of yarn (the specified one) to knit a pair of baby booties. Can we say leftover yarn?

My baby gift is sitting in its tote bag being ignored by me. Maybe tonight I’ll get back to it. The baby it was knit for arrived four weeks early and is in the hospital at the moment.

Had a chat last night with the mother of one of the young mothers at church. Her daughter has two little girls and is expecting a third. Because of her married daughter, she’s much more plugged into the lives of the young marrieds. I was able to learn that the next baby I should knit a gift for is due in October and then a follow-up one in November. Nice to have some target dates but I do need to get busy. In the meantime, I’m stockpiling some sweater patterns because since these babies are coming so close together, I can’t knit the same pattern for them.

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