Oh To Be In England

I like to think of myself as a patriotic American. But I must admit I’d like to be in London this week for the Diamond Jubilee festivities.

Some of the blogs I read are written by people in England. I’m enjoying the posts they’ve written this week and I’ve searched the Internet for news accounts. I marvel at the Queen’s stamina and feel sorry for her now that her husband is in the hospital. I can’t help but wonder how long these two people can continue to hold on.

Why do we find outselves fascinated? Is it the pagentry? Is it the fact that the Queen has held her position for 60 years? I don’t know but I’m glad I’ve been able to see pictures of some of the festivities.

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One Response to Oh To Be In England

  1. Susie says:

    Boy, do I feel old! I remember the spread in Life magazine covering her coronation. I also remember when her father died, although my grasp of who was who was not so good. I thought Joseph Stalin was her father! I had somehow gotten it all mixed up.

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