Who Is Munching My Rose

I have a few old climbing roses in front of my porch. They were planted by a previous owner of this house and why they were put there in among the evergreens I’ll never know. They bloom just once in the spring and that’s that until the next year.

This year I’ve noticed a strange thing. Something is munching on one branch of one cane. Whatever it is has turned the leaves into lace. What do you supppose it is? Why does it only eat the leaves on that branch? I’m thankful it waited until most of the blooming is over and that it is confining its munching to one branch. I’d hate to have all my roses wearing lacy leaves. Is there anything I can do about it now, after the fact?

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One Response to Who Is Munching My Rose

  1. Sounds like some type of spider mite. try three tablespoons of dish liquid to a gallon of water and spray it on the shrub. This should clear the problem.

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