Some Thoughts About Clover

There is some clover in my yard. It’s the small white clover which most folks consider a weed. I like it, though. I have a lawn service company which comes to cut my grass. I can always tell when they’ve been here because the clover flowers have been cut off. Persistent, though, the clover flowers again before the next mowing. This is a handy indicator in case you’re not sure when the lawn cutting folks are really going to come.

Seeing those small white flowers in the yard reminds me of making chains of them when I was a girl. We would pick them, split the stem (carefully!) with a thumbnail and then insert the stem of the next one. Tug it gently until the flower was there and on to the next one until we had a chain that could be carefully made into a circle. I’m not sure how we did the final one but now we had a necklace to wear, preferably one which hung to our stomach.

I remember the big pink clover too. I haven’t seen that much lately. But those big flowers were carefully picked. Then each little petal (for lack of the correct word) picked out and the nectar sucked off. Yummy, a fresh sweet treat!

I understand that clover serves as a restorative for soil. Not sure about that but I am sure that it serves a restorative for me. I like to see it in my yard.

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