Heat Nearly Did Me In

I decided to brave the heat and attend the band concert yesterday afternoon. The humidity wasn’t too bad and with the breeze blowing, it didn’t feel all that hot. But it was hot.

My stomach wasn’t happy about what I had given it for lunch. Finally, about halfway through the second half of the concert, I decided a visit to the air conditioned rest room was needed. It’s a longish walk from my seat and my arthritis decided to kick up a fuss. I wished I had my cane. But eventually I reached the building with the restrooms … only to find it was locked! You would think they’d leave them open until the concert was over but, no, they didn’t. The walk back to my chair was almost more than I could handle. Stomach protesting, arthritis fussing, and the heat adding to my weakness.

Once back at my chair, I gathered my stuff and headed to my car. At least once there, I could turn the air conditioning up high and cool off. I was feeling queasy and wondering if I’d make the car or if I’d have to vomit on my way there.

Well, all’s well that ends well. I made it to the car without vomiting. Resting in the seat while the air conditioner blew in my face helped. Still didn’t feel good all evening.

The music was great! The guest artist was a local soprano who did a nice job on her songs. The trombonist who is a real character was dressed as Uncle Sam but he kept changing his hats. During the medley from My Fair Lady he sported a woman’s dressy hat, one that would have been at home at Ascot.

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