What A Group of Charitable Knitters!

Today I was free to attend the Knitters’ Guild meeting. I don’t often get to go because of work responsibilities so this was a treat. The advertised program didn’t sound all that exciting but still I wanted to go see some long-time knitting friends.

Well, what do I know about planning an interesting program? Very little it seems.  This program turned out to be far more interesting than I expected. The Knitters’ Guild does a lot of knitting for various charities. I thought I knew about most of them since I’m a charter member but I learned about some which were new to me.

Each charity knitting project is headed up by a chair person. Those were the speakers today. They described their particular project, told how long the Guild had been involved (if they knew that) and what kind of donations had been made. Some numbers would just take your breath away. For example, in the last five years, the Guild has donated over 7,000 knit hats to needy children. That does not include the many premature baby hats, newborn hats, or chemo hats that have been knitted.

Other charitable efforts include knitting squares for Warm Up American afghans, lapghans for nursing home residents, red scarves for women who have gone through heart surgery, cage cozies for the Humane Society, booties and layette items for the Board of Religious Organizations, and Project Linus afghans. Some of the projects have an international flavor. Crib covers are sent to Haiti and some items which are knit in wool find their way to the Ukraine.

Another project doesn’t involve the Guild in knitting itself. However, Guild members supply odds and ends of yarn to a program in the local prison. The prisoners who take part in this program use them to make various things.  This program is an incentive to change behaviors in the prison as well as teach the prisoners a skill they can use when they leave.

It was good to be reminded of all the opportunities we have to share the fruits of our labors with others.

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