Off to Barbados

Last night was the final travelogue in this season. The topic was Barbados. I must admit I had no clue where this island is prior to viewing this film. While the program was interesting, it didn’t leave me panting to visit Barbados. That is probably because I’m not a big beach person. But the beaches in Barbados looked fabulous if you want to go to the beach. I’m a little puzzled about why all the pictures showed them empty of people. Don’t the natives go to the beach?

When England took possession of the island in the early 1600’s, there were no people on the island. As a result, everyone there speaks English because that’s the only language used there. At some point, slaves were brought to the island to work on sugar plantations. They built a certain style of house for themselves and if they left one plantation to go to another, they would take the house apart and take it with them.

Tourism is the major industry in Barbados but it seems there is also an active arts industry. There is a big annual show called BMEX and part of it is a fashion show with some high quality interesting fashions by local designers.

Another interesting fact was that Barbados has a limestone foundation. It’s the only island in the Caribbean that’s made of limestone. If I understood the lecturer correctly, this is because the North American plate slid (and is still sliding?) under the Caribbean plate and pushing up the island.

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