I’ve Joined the High Speed Group

I’ve finally joined the “fast” folks. I signed up for AT&T’s U-Verse. No more pokey dial-up for me!

The equipment needed was shipped to me in a big box which arrived just before I left for the Women’s Conference. Yesterday I opened the box and read the instructions for self-installation. Oops … I don’t think I can do this. The first problem is that I can’t get down to the phone jack. It’s right on top of the baseboard and my creaky old bones just won’t let me go there. Not to worry … for some extra dollars, a nice technician could install it for me.

I was barely coherent this morning when the technician called. He was outside my house, the fiber optic cable or whatever it is was now coming to my house and we were good to go. Oh, no we weren’t. He offered to come in and install it and I agreed. He was a pleasant young man but had some problems getting everything hooked up. There’s no way I could have done that.

It is so nice to open a website and have the pictures pop up right away. The next thing I have to do is to close my dial-up account and then advise everyone of my new email address. I think I can manage that but maybe not today since I must go teach a knitting class.

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