Wndchimes A Success

Since today was the final tutoring sesson for this year, I decided we should have a special arts project. We read the book “Mr. Nick’s Knitting” and I had no project to go with it. So we made windchimes.

To do this, we used clay flower pots in three sizes, wooden beads, and some plastic cord. I had the girls string the beads and then we fed it through the pots with the smallest one at the bottom. I had butterfly stickers for them to use to decorate their pots. They both seemed to enjoy the project although one was concerned that a specific kid in her class would try to break it before she got home with it. It’s always nice when the students enjoy the projects I have for them.

This was the first time I’ve used the book “Mr. Nick’s Knitting.” It’s a cute story about a man and a woman who both knit while they take the train to the city. Then one week she doesn’t show up on the train. She’s in the hospital. He bought some yarn and needles and took them to her. The illustration of her hospital room indicates a white room with no pictures on the wall, white covers on the bed, etc. Instead of continuing to knit sweaters for is twenty-two nieces and nephews, he started a project of small squares which he then sewed together. My second student said, “I bet he made her a blanket.” Sure enough, that’s exactly what he had done. Each square was a picture of something they saw each day as they took the train. She was very appreciative of it when he took it to the hospital to her.

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