Talented Young People

The students from the Lutheran high school in Kansas City, MO came to the Lutheran church in Arnold, MO, for a concert tonight. I decided to go.

It was an enjoyable evening. I was amused when the director announced they were playing the printed program backwards. Thus, the band played their numbers first followed by the handbell choir and finally the choir of singers.

I thought I heard some sour notes in the band part of the program but basically they did a good job. I’m a little fascinated by handbells and I wonder what prompts a student to decide to play them. Their director said some of the students had been playing the handbells since elementary school. It fascinates me that they don’t really “ring” the bells but sort of scoop the air with the bells. I was sitting behind a family with a young baby who they stood on their laps, sat on their laps, passed one to another so I had to try to look around that distraction to watch the bell ringers. They made one sound that I couldn’t figure out. Finally, I managed a peek. I think they were striking the bells with a hammer. They also had smaller whisk-y looking things they rang as well.

The vocal choir was outstanding! There were some very good voices in it. I don’t know if any of those young people plan to make vocal music a career choice but they will certainly be an asset to a church choir in the future.

The program ended with all the students making a line across the church auditorium, sort of encircling the audience, and singing a blessing to the audience. It was a moving touch.

As I was leaving the auditorium, I heard someone — evidently the program coordinator — asking host families and students to remain so they could get things sorted out. It reminded me of similar times years ago when I was a teenager when college choirs would visit my church. My mother usually took at least one or two of the students home with her. Memories … memories.

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1 Response to Talented Young People

  1. Mary Ann Powell says:

    Enjoyed your reminisce about your mother taking students from church choirs home. When we were raising our family, we often did that too, even though, with our large family we really didn’t have room and our home left a lot to be desired as far as appearances go, which you may remember from your visit so long ago.

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