Gotta Listen to the Yarn

It’s fairly common knowledge among knitters that sometimes the yarn will speak to you, letting you know what it wants to become. I don’t often hear that from my yarn. Maybe that’s because I’m not listening or maybe it’s because the yarn and I are in agreement about what it should be. However, the current skein has spoken ever so firmly.

This skein is baby yarn I bought at a Pound Shop (similar to a dollar store) in England. I had forgotten all about it until I looked for a baby pattern. My minister’s youngest daughter and her husband are expecting a baby and I want to knit a nice sweater for their baby. I didn’t find a pattern in that drawer but I did find that skein of yarn which is a suitable color for a boy or a girl. The young couple have chosen not to know the gender of their baby ahead of time.

So I continued to look for the pattern I had in mind and finally found it. I’ve knit the pattern several times in the past so I didn’t expect any problems. I had them anyway. I started that sweater three or four times and just couldn’t get it going.

So I looked for a different pattern. I decided the original pattern which was for a six-months size probably wasn’t a good choice for a baby born in June. In looking at some of the babies at church, they seem to grow at a tremendous rate in those first months so maybe I’d be better off making a 12-months size.

Fortunately, the yarn agrees with that thinking. While getting the oil changed in my car the other day I started this second pattern. Oh, joy, the yarn says “This is what I want to be.” It is knitting up very nicely. Sure glad I finally listened to the yarn.

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