Gas Prices

I almost forgot that today is a day for a blog post. Guess that means I don’t have anything all that interesting to say. So here’s a post of snippets.

Last night I visited a nearby hospital for a program on peripheral arterial disease. I was merrily driving down the highway when I happened to glance at the gas gauge. Oh, shoot! I was supposed to buy gas before heading to the hospital. I had enough to get there but felt sure it would be wise to get some on the way home.

I checked the prices at a few stations I passed on my way to the hospital. Hmn … gas is cheaper in this neighborhood. Maybe forgetting wasn’t so terrible.

Once the program was over, I headed for the nearest station which happened to be the brand of gas I buy most often. At my home station, gas was $3.799/gallon. Here it was $3.729/gallon. The home station offers a five cents/gallon discount if you pay in cash but this would be even cheaper than the discounted price.

To my delight, the pump had a notice … this station too offered the discount for cash payment. I gladly pumped $40 forth of $3.679/gallon gas into the car. Sadly, that wasn’t enough to fill the tank which only indicates how close I was to driving on fumes. But $40 was all I could afford to spend.

I wonder how many people pay cash for their gas. Isn’t posting that discount on the pump an indication to the neighborhood thief that this might be a good place to rob? It should have lots of cash, right? I wonder if the clerks feel like they are in danger.

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