Working Election Leaves Me Confused

Working the election leaves me confused. Not the politics; I’m clear enough on that. This was a general muncipal election and I’m confused about why so few people came to vote. We only had 100 voters and at least three or four of those were workers at our poll!
Evidently, citizens aren’t concerned about their ambulance district boards, school boards, etc.

I’m sure the turnout will be higher in August when we have a primary election. I do hope the Missouri legislature has sorted out the congressional districts by then. Missouri lost one district because of the change in population. As it would happen, my Congressman lost his district in the latest redrawing of the map. He has chosen to run against a very popular Congressman in an adjoining district and I will be more than surprised, more than stunned, if he wins that election.

Tuesday we poll workers discussed how we’ll set up the polls in November for the Presidential election. We know more than 100 people will turn out for that one.

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