A Pleasant Surprise

Yesterday was the annual volunteers luncheon at the school where I tutor. The luncheon is to honor all the people who volunteer at the school, not just the reading tutors. It’s always an enjoyable event. The teachers bring in the food so there’s this wonderful potluck lunch. There’s so much food there is no way you can sample everything.

This year I was sitting with two other reading tutors while eating my lunch when a woman walked over. “Do you remember me?” she asked. My word, it was the first grade teacher I had first worked under when I started volunteering 12 years ago. She had retired and I hadn’t seen her in ages. We had a nice chat catching up with each other. She now volunteers in the school library. Later a woman who had been sitting at her table came over and told me how she had told everyone at that table what a good tutor I was. That was pleasant to hear.

By then the secretary from the counselors’ office was sitting with me and she joined right in, saying how I have art activities and games for the kids to do which go along with the book we read that week. It was enough to make a person blush.

But what a delightful unexpected treat it was to see that teacher from years ago and to hear so many compliments!

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1 Response to A Pleasant Surprise

  1. Susie says:

    How nice to know they gave honor where honor was due! That is so important, and so often overlooked. Glad you were there to enjoy the food and a bit of recognition on the side.

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