Spring Ladies’ Luncheon

Today was the Spring Luncheon for the ladies group at church. It was held in a tea room/gift shop in Ballwin, MO.  I had no idea this tea room even existed.  I Googled for a map to find it but the directions I got were confusing.  I finally found a website for the tea room and it had a map which made more sense.   So late this morning, I set off to find the tea room. 

I was concerned I was going to be late since I didn’t know how long it would take to drive there.  I was relieved to see several other ladies in the parking lot so while I wasn’t the first one there, at least I wasn’t late. We walked through the gift shop back to the tea room. I looked around for a seat. My friends were already seated at a table  but hadn’t saved a seat for me. I spied a woman sitting at a table in the corner all alone so I asked if I could sit with her. It wasn’t long before the workers chased us away from that table. It seems that’s where they stage the food. We were hustled over to an overflow room and found a table in there with just one lady at it. We joined her.

I didn’t get the connection but one of the young women passed around a bowl of M&M’s. We were told to take a few but not eat them. Later we were told to share three things about outselves with the women at our table. I think we could then eat the M&M’s but I just left mine on the table. One of the ladies at my table, Diane, told that she had wanted to get some M&M’s with her daughter’s name on them for her birthday but they were very expensive … $80 for a two-pound package.

The next thing on the program was dressing a doll. Each table was given a nude Barbie doll, a sheet of scrapbook paper and a piece of white paper along with a few tiny buttons, a needle and some thread, straight pins, feathers, and a scissor. We were to construct an outfit for our doll using these materials plus anything we might have in our purses in the next ten minutes.

Diane began by cutting out a straight tube for a skirt from the white paper. I tried to fit it on the doll. I pinched in some darts at the top and pinned it shut with a straight pin. The paper was very stiff and hard to get the pin through. Then Diane cut out a long-sleeved top from the flowered scrapbook paper. We ended up using the ribbon from around the “matchbook” sewing kit favor we had been given to tie around the doll’s waist to hold the top on. Diane also put some stitches in it to help hold it closed. Robbie, the other lady at our table, managed to get the thread to spool off so Diane could use it. To complete her outfit (and while Diane was sewing) I folded a tricorn hat from the flowered paper and stuck two feathers in the fold to trim it. Robbie managed to get it to stay on the doll’s head.

Some of the other tables were very creative with their outfits. One had pleated their dress around the doll. Another had made a tiny bolero jacket. Still another group had sewn three of the tiny buttons on their skirt to close it.  But in the end, our doll won as the best outfit. It was the hat which did it, I think.

The food was good although I thought the serving sizes were less than generous. I had a slice of artichoke quiche and a small tossed salad. Robbie and Diane had a scoop of chicken salad and the tossed salad. Dessert was a very small piece of cherry cobbler with a scoop of ice cream.

The speaker had attended Bible college with the leader of our ladies’ group. She spoke about overcoming low self-esteem. She pointed out that God had made us the way He wanted us and when we want to change things about ourselves, we’re insulting Him.  It was an interesting talk.

We have some new women in the group and one of them got tickled at herself. She came over to our table and spoke to Diane and me … told us her name and asked ours. She had thought we were two different people. She said she came to talk to two women she knew and had met two new friends instead. She didn’t seem embarrassed at all.

It was a nice luncheon.

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