They Come in Threes

I remember my parents talking about deaths coming in threes. I’ve often found that to be true. In the last several weeks I’ve heard of three deaths.

The first was the mother of a friend in Australia. She had been ill for quite a long time so, to my mind, it was a blessing in one sense. In another it was sad because her daughter who had lived with her and had given up her job just two weeks prior to her passing, had been through so much. The mother was a difficult and demanding patient. I hope my friend can now focus on her own health (which isn’t good) and get some enjoyment from life.

Then the mother of a young man at my church passed away. Again, another blessing. She was a much younger woman than the other one but had had Alzheimer’s for several years. She finally had to be placed in a nursing home. The last time I had seen her she looked so confused and frightened so I’m sure her passing was a relief to her.

The third death was of a friend’s elderly uncle. She sent me the link so I could read his obituary in the local newspaper. Reading that obit made me tired! That man accomplished more in his life than six other people. His funeral is today and I hope those in attendance appreciate all he did.

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