Strange Weather

Last night as I drove from my accountant’s office to the church for midweek Bible study, the sky was covered in dark clouds. There were strange flashes of horizontal light which I finally realized was lightening. There was no thunder that I could hear. The lightening looked a lot like what my mother called heat lightening except for the dark, dark clouds. As I neared the church, there was one brilliant vertical flash of lightening. But it did not rain.

After church on my way home it did begin to rain. Large drops hit the windshield almost like hail. The temperature dropped about 10 degrees but once I drove out of the rain, it went back up.  Oddly enough, you could see stars in the sky while it was raining. I suppose the clouds releasing the rain were very low but it was so dark that you couldn’t see them … just two particularly bright stars shining.

Strange weather.

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