Spring Is Coming

After a mild winter, Spring is making an early appearance. Grass is greening up. Flowering trees — some, not all — are in bloom. My bulbs are coming up although my daffodils aren’t blooming yet while the neighbor has blooming ones. One of my forsythia bushes is blooming. The other one is just a few days behind; it has buds which are opening but it hasn’t fully bloomed yet.

I had to chuckle this morning when I heard the garden columnist on the radio. People were calling in with questions about when to prune this or that, when to spray pre-emergent sprays, etc. The columnist kept telling them to wait until the forsythia bloomed. I wondered just what things are like in his neighborhood since my forsythia started blooming a few days ago.

So spring is coming. We had a couple of colder days this week but today is gorgeous. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be cooler and rain all afternoon. The old saying is “April showers bring May flowers” so I’m not sure what March rains will bring.

I just hope it’s not tornados. The newspaper today said tornado season is April through June. That doesn’t sound quite right to me since I remember at least two February tornados and we had the Christmas/New Year’s tornado in 2011.

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