Another Puzzle

I have a new puzzle. There is a bank which is advertising on the radio. In the ad, a man has decided he needs to find another bank because the one he has been using has too many fees. He finds the name of this bank and somehow talks to its mascot which is a dog. It sounds like he’s on the Internet but he’s having this conversation with the mascot. The dog barks to answer the man’s questions. At the end of the ad, the music is Ode to Joy and the dog barks it … in perfect time including the pause before the final two barks.

So, how do they do that? How do you train a dog to bark to music? Or do you think it’s a sound effects person doing the barking?

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1 Response to Another Puzzle

  1. fillyjonk says:

    It’s also possible to record a sound and electronically alter its pitch…I’ve seen demonstrations where a person could speak a word, record it, and then have their electronic keyboard set so that each key played that word, but at the pitch the key normally would have. I assume that might be what’s going on here. (Alternatively, they could have just taped a bunch of dogs barking at different pitches and reshuffled the barks to make them fit the tune)

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