Church With A Difference

My local church congregation has sponsored a Spanish congregation. This past weekend the Spanish group celebrated their tenth anniversary as a church. They had a special service on Saturday night followed by a meal. Other Spanish congregations in the state came and joined them in the festivities.

Sunday night the Spanish congregation came and worshipped with the English congregation. The service was bilingual. The Spanish pastor — who is not Spanish but is fluent in that language — interpreted. The praise singers sang in Spanish alternated with English. The choir from the English church had learned a song in Spanish (probably learned it phonetically). They alternated Spanish choruses with English ones. The sermon was preached in English but interpreted in Spanish. It was definitely church with a difference!

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1 Response to Church With A Difference

  1. AlisonH says:

    “So we are no more strangers, but fellow citizens in God,” I think is how it goes.
    Beautiful post. Thank you.

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