This is turning out to be a week of frustration. The issues are probably minor but still frustrate me.

First up is downloading an updated security package for the computer. I recognize I have dial-up Internet access which might slow things down. But the notation that a download will take more than 12 hours is frustrating. On top of that, the Internet connection times out and download won’t complete. I’ve contacted customer service and hope they provide some reliable help.

Next frustration involves the phone company’s directories. I needed to contact my insurance agent. Sadly, I need to call him so rarely that I don’t have his number memorized. So I got out the Yellow Pages and tried to look him up. Couldn’t find a listing for him. My brain and whoever indexes the Yellow Pages just don’t agree. So I reverted to the White Pages, thinking that if I could find a listing for his name, it might include his business phone number. No that wasn’t true. Eventually I thought of my insurance card I carry for my auto insurance. Success at last! The agent’s number is printed on it. Hope I remember that the next time I need to call him.

The third frustration has been my thumb joint. I’ve moused so much that it has caused the arthritis in that joint to get very sore. This on top of a sore hip joint has got me not only frustrated but in considerable pain.

Oh, well, I must soldier on. Eventually things will get better. There have been two bright spots in this otherwise dismal week. Two people commented on my “Google” post and I now know more about Shrove Tuesday. A friend had cataract surgery Monday. It was successful and she’s feeling much happier about things.

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