I Don’t Get It

Yesterday in the mail was a catalogue from a company I’ve never heard of. On the front was a big sticker stating that this was the last catalogue they’d be sending me if I didn’t order from them. It implied I had been a long-time customer and they couldn’t bear to part with me.

Uh … folks, I never was a customer of yours. I don’t know anything about you. Except for a belt, your merchandise didn’t appeal to me. So I can’t imagine you being upset at not hearing from me.

Why would a company send a catalogue to someone they’ve never heard of? What’s with implying they won’t send any more catalogues if I don’t order something? Given the price of postage, this looks like a lost cause to me. I just don’t get this kind of customer solicitation.

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1 Response to I Don’t Get It

  1. fillyjonk says:

    Places do that to me all the time. I never stop getting the catalogs. I think it’s a marketing thing because they think it will push some people to order.

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