Sock Is Finished

As a knitting instructor at Joann’s, I must knit a sample of the various class projects. One of the classes coming up in March is knitting a sock. Well, it’s not what I really think of as a sock; it’s more an anklet or tennis sock. It comes just above the ankle. On top of that, it’s knit with worsted weight yarn on size 10 doublepoint needles.

I suppose Joann’s chose that pattern/yarn/and needles so that the students would be able to complete the project in the two class sessions scheduled for it. Except that it looks huge, it turned out quite well. The yarn they specified self-stripes. The pattern covers the ribbing, a tiny bit of sock leg, the heel and how to turn it and ends with Kitchnering the toe. So the students will have learned how to make socks. I’m thinking that perhaps these socks would serve as bed socks or maybe slippers worn over another pair of socks. They are far too bulky to wear in shoes.

I have limited experience knitting socks. I don’t wear them so I don’t knit them. I have knitted one pair of kneehighs years ago and a few years ago when I taught knitting at a different store, we knit Fuzzy Feet which was sort of the same idea as this sock pattern. The major difference was that we knit it in Patons Wool instead of the acrylic yarn I used for this sock. We deliberately knit them oversize and felted them in the washer to make bootie type slippers. I suppose because I made several pair as Christmas gifts I have more sock experience than I give myself credit for.

I just wonder if any students will be brave enough to buy teeny needles and proper sock yarn and attempt a proper pair of socks after this class.

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