Video Vacation

Last night was the monthly travelogue at Washington U. I’ve lost my season ticket to these programs … thought it was in my wallet but I can’t find it … and wondered if I’d have a problem getting in. Although I did not recognize the girl at the door, she had a list of all the subscribers and there was no problem with my getting inside.

I settled in a seat at the top of the lecture hall (that’s where I had entered) and settled down with my knitting and waited for the program to begin. I had no clue where we were going since I had lost my ticket. Lo and behold, we were off to Wales. I was delighted, especially since the lecturer and his wife both have a nice sense of humor which added to their presentation. For example, they shot a cemetary where they were helping someone look for a grave. The comment which tickled my funny bone was, “Looking at the graves in this cemetery, I think God only gave the Welsh 12 names and told them to deal with it.” You saw gravestones with names like William Williams, William Thomas Thomas, etc.

Wales appears to me to be a beautiful country. Lots of rolling green hills, trees, sheep, beaches, etc.  There was also castle after castle.  Most were ruins now.  Two were totally enclosed, walled castles and their towns, and if you were not an inhabitant of that castle, you had to leave at sundown.

The lecturer focussed on the music that seems to be everywhere in Wales. Of course, there were shots of several men’s choirs. But we also saw folk singers, heard some musicians in pubs,  saw a woman playing spoons, and the program ended with filming at a big musical festival where choirs competed for a trophy.

It was a great vacation.  I returned home without a trace of jet lag.

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