February Thaw Is Early

Usually we get a thaw about the third week in February.  It’s a period, usually just a few days, of mild weather.  It’s a welcome break in the midst of bitter cold and snow.  This year the thaw arrived this week. Yesterday the high was 67, tying a record from the late 1800s. It’s supposed to be this mild most of this week.

Of course, we “doubting Thomas” types are looking for a big storm to hit, dumping lots of ice and snow on us with accompanying bitter cold winds. Opinion of most who voice this idea seem to think it will happen in March.

I must admit the mild temperatures are nice. But I’ve heard more than one person talk about needing to cut their grass and that’s just plain wrong for January.

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1 Response to February Thaw Is Early

  1. Susie says:

    I have been waiting for winter dormancy to prune a few trees. Imagine my dismay yesterday to find said trees starting to show leaves! Given that our winter is mild and short, it is very mild and almost nonexistent this year. I have read that it’s pretty much the same story everywhere. On the other hand, one of our lemon trees is starting to bloom. That’s good–unless we get a February freeze.

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