Tutors Touch Base

This morning was our regular meeting of the reading tutors. These are usually good meetings and today was no exception. Two teachers from one of the schools in the district were there with lots of handouts and ideas to help us help our students. One idea involved Cheese Its with letters on them. I haven’t seen these in my grocery store but the teachers pointed out that the kids usually like anything involving food. She also had some little fruit gums that were shaped like letters. I suppose it would be okay to let the kids eat the letters/crackers after they’d played with them.

These meetings are an opportunity to ask questions or get help for a problem you’re having. One tutor told how the little boy she worked with last year avoids her now and is embarrassed if he sees her in the hall. In the ensuing conversation about this situation, it was decided that his high-achieving father had put so much pressure on the boy that it caused him to react in this way. The poor little guy must have a miserable time of trying to please his father.

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