Tax Time Already?

Can it possibly be tax time already? My accountant has mailed his workbook he asks his clients to use to organize and gather their papers so he can prepare their income taxes. I really need to get started on this since I refinanced my home mortgage last year and that involves extra paperwork to be submitted to the accountant. As I’ve been gathering the papers together, I put them in the envelope with the workbook. Next step will be sitting down and going through/filling out the workbook and then it’s off to the accountant. The earlier I get the materials to him, the sooner my taxes will be filed. That’s always a weighty issue for me and a real relief once it’s done.

Are you thinking about your taxes yet?

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1 Response to Tax Time Already?

  1. Mary Ann Powell says:

    I filed our taxes on Feb. 1 and expect our refund to be depositied on the 15th. I’m a little late reading your Jan. blogs so suppose you have your taxes filed by now.

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