Knitters’ Guild and Music

Saturday I got to attend the monthly Knitters’ Guild meeting for the first time in months. Usually I have to work at Joanns at the monthly Open House on the Guild meeting day. However, this month the Open House was held a week earlier so I was free to attend the meeting.

It was good to touch base with friends I hadn’t seen in months. One woman who hadn’t been there for months hugged me! The educational program was on color knitting: intarsia, slip stitch patterns and stranded knitting. I sat in on the slip stitch section which was good. I think most people in our section caught on to what they needed to do although the woman next to me did have some struggles. Between my help and the teacher, I think we got her going correctly.

I got home from the Guild meeting with just enough time to warm-up the leftover casserole (it turned out well, by the way) and leave for the Symphony concert tonight. I got there in time for the pre-concert lecture. However, I don’t think the conductor did his usual excellent job on the lecture. At times, it seemed to me, he lost his train of thought.

The program tonight was a little different. It started with a symphony by Dvorak which was lovely music. After the intermission came a strange piece of music that seemed to be mostly bangs from the percussion section. There were emphatic notes struck on the piano but they had damped the strings somehow so it sounded strange. As the woman sitting next to me said, she kept waiting for the “music” to start. At least that piece was only 18 minutes long.

The last part of the concert was the part I really wanted to hear although I enjoyed the Dvorak. Christine Brewer, a soprano who lives maybe 50 miles from St. Louis, was the featured soloist. She sang the last four songs by Richard Strauss. We consider Christine “our singer” and it’s always good to hear her.

Christine is a large woman and I do wish someone had altered her dress or made it to fit her properly. It was a black velvet dress with a large white portrait collar and white cuffs on the long black sleeves. It definitely didn’t fit her properly through the shoulders/neckline. I know she’s a large woman but that dress which was floor length made her look even larger. I’m guessing that she had it made for her and I do think her dressmaker could have done a better job.

One nice thing the Symphony did was lower a screen and project the words of Christine’s songs — in English — on it. She sang, of course, in German. There were a couple of spots in the songs where there was a short violin solo by the concertmaster. He made his violin sing. Christine’s part of the program made it worth going to the concert.

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