No Travelogue For Me

Last night was the monthly travelogue at Washington University. I knew I’d be late getting there since I was scheduled to teach a knitting class until just 30 minutes before the travelogue started. The University is quite some distance from where I was teaching but I was in hopes that I’d be able to get there maybe before the introduction to the program was completed or shortly thereafter. With that in mind, I set the cruise control at 60 mph once on the highway and headed off.

I did well until I got to the University. As I turned on the campus drive which leads to the building where I needed to be, I noticed the usual balloons and directional sign wasn’t up. It crossed my mind that maybe I was later than I thought and someone had already taken them down. When I got a building or so away from the one where I needed to be, the street was entirely closed off. All the entrances to the parking garage were blocked off. What was going on?

Back on the city street next to the campus, I finally found a sign for the travelogue but it was in a dark enough place that I couldn’t read where it was directing me. I took the next entrance into the campus but didn’t see any more signs.  Since I was now later than I wanted to be, I gave up and came home. I shall need to make a daytime trip to the campus before next month’s program to see if there are any more unwelcome surprises.

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