Windy Start to 2012

Oh, my, how the winds did blow! Saturday, New Year’s Eve, there was a strong wind advisory out all day but we were told the winds would calm at 6 p.m. That’s all well and good but no one told the winds. They blew and blew until about 5 p.m. on Monday. Fortunately the winds didn’t bring storms with them. There were no reports of damage or power outages.  Of course, I’m sure the winds brought memories of the 2010 New Year’s Eve tornado, especially for those who lived in the areas where it hit.

Now, for a change of topic, in reading through my list of blogs, I noticed several people have listed their resolutions or goals or directions for 2012 on their blog. I don’t normally make resolutions. I do think setting some goals would be good. So, here’s my list of some 2012 goals:

1. Read the Bible through in 2012. So far, I’m made a good start on this, using the BREAD program from church. Now to see if I can keep it up.

2. Attend exercise class regularly. First class of 2012 is tomorrow so it remains to be seen how good I’ll be at doing this.

3. Find the time and money for at least two or three mini-vacations if a longer vacation doesn’t prove to be feasible.

4. Complete the knitting of my wine-colored cardigan. To exceed expectations, complete the shell that goes under it too.

5. Answer letters/emails more promptly so I don’t have a stack of unanswered mail at the end of 2012.

Have you set some goals/directions for the year? Should we agree to posting progress on them each month?

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