A Christmas Miracle

About two weeks ago the pastor at my church told us of one of the men in the congregation who had been to see him. He had had to take the bus to get to the church because his car, which had limped along for well over a year, had at last died. Getting from where John lives to the church on a bus would not have been easy or quick.  He frequently drove the church van to pick up people who didn’t have a way to church and without a car of his own to get to the church to get the van he would no longer be able to do that.

The pastor continued that he thought God wanted the church to help John replace his car and he offered to make the first donation to such a project. He didn’t make a big deal of it, just said if anyone else wanted to donate, they should write the amount on an offering envelope and designate it for John’s car. Another man in the church is a car salesman and he started looking for a car for John.

Within two weeks enough money — over $8,000 — had been donated to get a car for John. He was to pick it up today. I’ve not talked to John about it but I’m sure he must regard this as a Christmas miracle. I certainly do. John is a humble man who no doubt is stunned by this great outpouring of love for him.

Our church is not what I’d call a wealthy church. But given the economic climate, the fact that a large offering for a missions project had just been taken, in addition to the offering for helping needy families in the church, raising the funds to buy a car for John certainly falls into the realm of miraculous.

At Bible study last night, Pastor said that God could have provided the car in some other way.  But this time He chose to use us to assist in the miracle.  I’m sure John will never doubt that God is our provider and neither will the rest of us.

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1 Response to A Christmas Miracle

  1. Susie says:

    I agree that this is a miracle. And God chose your church to be the instrument. After all, we are God’s hands and feet on this earth, and He uses us if we permit it. A wonderful, heartwarming account. $8,000! That’s awesome.

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