Don’t Dream of a White Christmas

This is not the year to dream of a white Christmas in my area. You can dream of a soggy Christmas. It rained all day and night Monday and it’s raining still. Given that we had a drought this summer, this rain is no doubt a welcome gift to farmers. I’m sure the children who are hoping for sleds for Christmas aren’t as happy about it.

I wonder if children still want — and get — sleds for Christmas. I haven’t really seen any in the stores but I must admit I haven’t been looking for them either. The city set up a skating rink in a park downtown and I wonder what this rain is doing to the ice skating. Since it is a manmade ice rink, does the rain cause the ice to soften or does the mechanism that makes it in the first place keep it hard enough to skate on?

I’m thankful that the weather has been warm enough — in the upper 40s and mid-50s — that all this rain hasn’t turned to ice. Even so, the wet roads lead to accidents. Maybe it’s best that I plan to stay home and wrap gifts today.

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1 Response to Don’t Dream of a White Christmas

  1. It is a curious love affair for sure. Snow and Ice are often portrayed as evil in the media but can enlighten many a man, boy, woman or girl. Somehow, at Christmas it feels wrong to be looking out at soggy gardens and soggy fields.

    Here’s hoping the weather changes to something more seasonal some time soon.

    Kind Regards

    Tony Powell

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