Busy Holiday Weekend

I know that next weekend will be a busy one for most people. It probably will be to some extent for me as well. But this weekend is also a busy holiday weekend in my life.

Today was the Knitters’ Guild’s Founders Day Luncheon. This year it was held in a dining room in a conference center on Washington University’s campus. What a nice venue! The high ceilings meant that the noise of who knows how many women all chattering away didn’t mean you couldn’t hear what was being said at your table. There was free parking in a garage directly across the street.

The food was absolutely yummy. I knew it would be because I’ve attended some other events there. We had a buffet that included a tossed salad, tuna salad, egg salad, fresh fruit, stuffed shells, battered green beans, onion rings, fried chicken and pecan coated tilapia. In addition, there were two soups to choose from. I chose the minestrone and it had a nicely flavored broth and the usual vegetables and beans. Excellent soup! I believe the other choice was a shrimp corn chowder. The dessert table had a nice array of coconut meringue pie, a chocolate caramel something and two kinds of cookies. There was also frozen yoghurt if you wanted it. Needless to say, if you went home hungry, it was your own fault.

I’d never had battered beans before although I’ve read of them. I’m here to say if you are given the choice, have some. I believe you would make them by taking fresh green beans, putting them in some kind of thin batter, scooping them out and dropping them in a deep fryer for just a minute or two. However, they were made, they pleased me.

There wasn’t much of a program but the program chair did a rather neat presentation on the need for everyone to get involved in the Guild (elections are coming). She had a vase with some marbles in the bottom. Those marbles represented the members who cannot attend meetings. Then she added some roses which represented the officers. Next came carnations to stand in for committee chairs and finally some daisies to represent the rest of us. Baby breath for visitors filled out the bouquet which turned out rather pretty. It had looked like nothing when she started. That was followed by the usual raffle. I never win so I don’t bother to buy the tickets any more.

Tonight I’m off to the holiday concert at the Symphony hall. This will be a program of Christmas and other holiday music. Tomorrow night is the annual Candlelight Service at church.

So it’s been/will be a full busy weekend.

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