Changes At The Post Office

I’m sure we’re all aware that proposed changes for the Post Office have been in the news. What we’re probably not aware of is how those changes will impact us individually … other than the proposal to stop Saturday deliveries. Today I learned about a change which affects me.

I live right on the edge between two towns. The Post Office in one town is about four miles from me. The Post Office in the other town is maybe a mile away. So guess which one I use … right, the one that’s a mile away. Today I was in there to mail a package.

While waiting my turn, I overheard a conversation about getting a new key for a Post Office box. It seems several customers have ordered these but it’s been two months and they haven’t received them. Then a light dawned for the clerks. Maybe the keys were at that Post Office which is five miles away.

I learned that all the mail from this closer Post Office goes to and fro through that other Post Office. Even the carriers for the closer one work out of the more distant one. There are only two clerks left in the Post Office I use. The supervisor and all other clerks have been dispersed to other Post Offices.

I’m fearful that this is perhaps an omen. Is the closing of this closer Post Office looming?

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1 Response to Changes At The Post Office

  1. fillyjonk says:

    I understand the reasons for it, but the loss of Saturday delivery is going to make me sad…sometimes that was something nice to look forward to, after going in and doing a morning’s work, to come home and have a magazine or a letter waiting for me.

    Hopefully my post office will stay, as we’re the county seat, but they really need to hire more counter clerks; there’s always a long line in there.

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