How Much Is Enough?

Even the most casual of sports fans knows that the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series this year. If that sports fan isn’t from this immediate area, he might not be aware that the first baseman, in my opinion, held the threat that he would not re-sign a contract with the Cardinals over the heads of management and the fans all season. As I remember, the negotiations went on during spring training but then he said he wouldn’t discuss them until after the season ended. Fair enough.

But since the Series ended all we’ve heard and read has been speculation about would he sign or not. The answer was no, he wouldn’t so he became a free agent. Next question was would any other teams offer him a contract and for how much. The last few days have cleared that matter up … four or five teams offered him contracts.

I don’t suppose anyone in St. Louis should be surprised that he chose not to sign with us. If he really wanted to stay here, he would have sign the, in opinion, generous contract the Cardinals offered before the beginning of the season. But his actions raise some questions for me. Supposedly this was all about the money, not the quality of life in St. Louis, not how fans treated him, not anything but money. And the contract he signed is well over $200 million — yes, million.

I ask you, who needs that kind of money? How much can you spend? Will he even be able to play the ten years the contract covers? If he can’t, what happens to all that money?

Sports salaries have gotten ridiculous. CEO salaries have gotten ridiculous too. Why should one person have so much when there are many others who would love to take a job for much, much less just to have a job? I’m glad the Cardinals finally said enough is enough.

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