Full Friday

Yesterday was a full day. I taught a knitting class in the afternoon/early evening. It was a good class filled with laughter. One woman was so funny. Every time I’d tell them how to do something, she’d attempted it … while saying, “Sweet Lord Jesus.” By the end of the class, everyone had “gotten it” except one lady who insisted on holding her needle like a pencil and couldn’t manipulate it to accomplish the movements she needed to do.

Following the knit class, I went to Red Lobster for dinner. I had part of a gift card from last Christmas that needed to be used. I had a nice dinner … fried haddock and fries, garden salad, and an extra side order of broccoli. At a table near me was a family which was celebrating a couple of events. (I eavesdropped as I so often do when I’m by myself in a restaurant.) As best I could figure out, they were celebrating one daughter’s birthday. She was now old enough to order an alcoholic drink. Dad had a new job which they were also celebrating. Given today’s economic climate, the new job was definitely worth celebrating.

They ordered drinks, appetisers and then three or four of them ordered lobster for their entree. I smiled to myself as I watched Mom when her plate arrived. She looked at that lobster and was unsure how to tackle it. She kept flipping it over and looking at it. Then she’d flip it back and look at it. By the time I left, she still hadn’t figured out how to get to the meat in the shell.

From Red Lobster I drove to Washington U for the monthly travelogue. I was there at least a half hour before the program started so I found a seat in a nearby lounge and determined to knit. I pulled my hat project out of my tote bag. This is a project for a class I’ll be teaching later this month. It is knit using double pointed needles. I was so upset with myself when I discovered I had left the working needle at home! At least someone had left part of the New York Times on a nearby seat and I read that while I waited.

The program was on the Netherlands. When the speaker was introduced, the man doing the introduction said she was his favorite of the folks who come to do these programs. I’m not sure she’s my favorite but she ranks near the top, that’s for sure. She manages to spoonfeed you historical information while shooting wonderful pictures. She even mixes in humorous pictures.

So, all in all, it was a full enjoyable day. Maybe that’s why I’m so tired today?

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