A Different Bible Study

Last night at church we had a different kind of Bible study. Instead of the pastor teaching one lesson to most of the congregation (the youth and children are in separate sessions), the church offered “electives.” Three classes were on offer and you got to pick which one you wanted to attend.

I chose the session on finance. I expected to hear about stewardship, tithing and such things. That’s not what took place in our class. Our teacher who is a member of the congregation, not on the ministerial staff, talked to us about wealth and prosperity. He wanted us to look at both words from a Biblical perspective.

He made a distinction between wealth which is what you accumulate and hold (or hoard) and prosperity which means what God has blessed you with and intends for you to use to benefit others. I’d never thought of those two words in that context. It was an interesting and thought provoking session.

Next week we’re going to have the elective sessions again. I’m looking forward to seeing what topics he selects for that session.

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