It’s A Small World

Sunday morning I was sitting at the computer in the office area at church, doing my Sunday School secretarial work. The door to the office area opened and in came the church treasurer with a woman and a young man. I looked up and heard the treasurer giving her church tour guide speech when she was interrupted. The woman pointed at me and said, “I know this woman!”

I looked at her. She looked vaguely familiar but I couldn’t dredge up a name. She pointed at her face and said, “Look at this face. Do you remember me?”

Don’t you just hate being asked that? I fumbled, “You look familiar” … and let my voice trail off. She said, “You taught me how to knit not long ago.” She turned to the treasurer and said, “She taught me how to knit.” The treasurer was caught off guard too and made some comment about my doing a lot of knitting.

The woman explained to me that she was knitting a scarf for the young man’s girlfriend. Turned out he was her son who is taking a world religions class and that’s why they were visiting my church. Eventually, they resumed their tour and I got back to my work.

But what a small world. I still can’t remember her name but I do remember that class and how she looked for yarn for that scarf as we did the “walk the store” portion of the class.

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