Black Friday Accolades

I am not, normally, a Black Friday shopper. I much prefer to stay home instead of getting out in the crowds, especially in the middle of the night. I’m blessed that the door buster deals don’t appeal to me so there’s nothing to motivate me to go at what I consider to be an insane hour to shop.

But there are some people who have to be there. I’m speaking of the employees who must deal with the crowds. Even if they are paid overtime (and somehow I doubt that is true) for working those hours, they need to be thanked. For what you ask? For being willing to leave their families, giving up part of their Thanksgiving holiday and going to work just so other people can shop. What a start to the holiday season for them!

Theirs is a job I’m thankful I don’t have but I’m even more thankful that they do it. When they manage to do it with a smile, they deserve an extra thank you.

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