What’s Going On At The North Pole?

I was nearly knocked off my feet when I walked into a shopping mall yesterday to buy a wedding gift and found Santa Claus was already there. What’s going on? Thanksgiving is still almost two weeks in the future and Christmas Eve is a month after that. Yet there Santa was, complete with throne, set-up for photos, etc.

Have the elves gotten tired of Santa? Have they decided he’s a bossy old gent and they can work just fine without him? Did Mrs. Claus decide that this year she could manage the baking, wrapping, etc. without the old man under her feet? Will Santa be allowed back so he can make the annual Christmas Eve flight or will the reindeer take off without him?

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1 Response to What’s Going On At The North Pole?

  1. Susie says:

    I’m just waiting for the year that Independence Day kicks off the Christmas season. Perhaps the stores should just put up all the decorations for every holiday of the year on January 1 and leave them as a permanent display. Think of all the man hours they would save! During the day and evening they could play everything from God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen to Galway Bay to God Bless America to Go Tell It On the Mountain. (With a few We Shall Overcomes, Easter Parades and Star Spangled Banners and When Johnny Comes Marching Homes thrown in.)

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