What Should I Have Said?

While working at the open house at Joann’s on Saturday, a lady who had been in one of the Kids’ Knitting classes I taught came up to the table and spoke with me. She was in the class with her niece but since she heard all the instructions, it was as though she had taken the class too. She asked, “What sweater should I knit?”

Now as far as I know, she hadn’t knitted anything ever. Other than being in that Kids’ Knitting class, I don’t know if she had had any instruction in how to knit.

So what did I reply to her question? “Whatever sweater you want.” I told her I learned to knit by knitting a very difficult sweater and was successful because I didn’t know it was difficult. Sometimes ignorance is a good thing! I pointed out that if it’s a sweater she really wants, she’ll work at knitting it. Otherwise, she might be bored.

I don’t know if she found a pattern to her liking or not. I’m feeling now that I was a little bit flip with her. I’d like to help her knit a sweater she can be proud of but feel a little handicapped since I’m required to follow strict guidelines from Joann’s in what I can teach. On top of that, I don’t know how to get in contact with her so we could perhaps work out a way I could help her.

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1 Response to What Should I Have Said?

  1. Susie says:

    If she comes again, tell her what you wrote in your blog, and see if she wants to pursue this. If she does, perhaps she will suggest something away from Joann’s. If she doesn’t come back, maybe whoever brings her niece can give her a message from you.

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