Inappropriate Use of Carols

The Missouri Lottery has some new commercials on the radio that annoy me to pieces. I suspect they might be on TV too.  These use the word “cash” sung to the old familiar Christmas carols.

This is annoying on several levels. First of all, Halloween is barely over and it’s much too early to start singing Christmas carols even if all you’re using is the music with your own word. Using the word “cash” as the only lyric is meant to appeal to our lower nature and encourage us to buy lottery tickets so we’ll hopefully win. But we all know that most people who buy lottery tickets don’t win the big prizes.

I resent the use of carols which were originally written to honor the birth of Christ to promote greedy behavior.  It seems no music is sacred to ad writers.  A few years ago the Hallelujah Chorus was used in an ad.  Aren’t the writers of these ads talented enoough to compose their own music?


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