I Should Have Known

Earlier this week I received an ad from a local auto dealer. Included in the ad were three grids and a key to use to scratch off the silver covering the squares. If you got three of the same number in a row, you won … something. There was a number on the ad which you were to give when you called to report your win.

I had three in a row on one of the grids so I called to register for my prize. I was told my prize was being held for me. Yesterday I drove over to collect it. I said this was a local auto dealer but it wasn’t really all that close to where I live.

Shortly after I walked in, a salesman introduced himself and began to make his pitch to sell me a car. I had expected something of the sort but not the high pressure effort he gave. He did his best to convince me I needed a new car … could delay payments for x number of months, could give me this kind of down payment, I could give up my cell phone and use the money I’d been paying for it toward a car payment, etc., etc. When I kept saying no, he got disgusted. Finally, he determined I meant what I was saying when I said I wasn’t buying a car that day and went away to get my prize for me.

So what did I win … a gold-colored dollar coin!

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