Not A Good Gambler

I’m not a gambler in the sense of going to casinos, buying lottery tickets, etc. But I sometimes gamble with buying gas for the car. Usually in my neighborhood, the gas stations change their prices on either Tuesday or Wednesday. Lately, that pattern hasn’t held true.

One of my economies is to try to squeeze every mile I can out of a tank of gas. Wednesday I noticed that gas was at $3.099/gallon. I still had about a quarter of a tank and hoped to make it to the weekend before needing to fill up. Hopefully, the price might be lower by then since it often drops a few cents between the “high” price during the week and the weekend.

Well, I gambled that that would be true this week and I lost. Yesterday when I went out to do a few errands, gas was $3.279/gallon and I was almost on fumes. I decided to wait until this morning to buy gas and I wonder if my gamble that it might be a few cents lower will pay off.

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1 Response to Not A Good Gambler

  1. fillyjonk says:

    I do that too. And I’ve wound up kicking myself more than once for NOT buying gas when I still had a partly-full tank, and then the price jumped 10 cents overnight.

    I suppose if they gave us warnings, though, about the price going up, there’d be long lines, and I’d hate that too.

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