I’m back to tutoring two students in reading. Last week we read How Do You Hug A Porcupine. That prompted me to ponder the diversity of animals.

The wide variety of animals convinces me that there is a Creator. I’m in awe of a mind which conceived of elephants and giraffes and mice and snakes and chimpanzees and antelopes as well as the more common cows and goats and sheep and chickens. Just thinking about the scale patterns on snakes and fish and the color patterns is enough to blow your mind. The color combinations in the feathers of birds are wider and better than any fashion designer has come up with.

Have you ever considered the type of necks to be found in nature?  There’s the owl with a neck that almost allows him to turn his head in a circle.  The giraffe’s long neck permits him to graze on the tree tops.  Some necks are short and stocky.  Some birds, like the swans, have long slender necks which look so graceful.

Legs are another feature that comes in lots of styles.  There are the spindly legs of some of the antelopes.  Rhinos have surprisingly attractive legs under their large bodies.  Some birds have long thin legs which allows them to wade in water while others have short little legs.

The Bible tells us the God’s thoughts are above our thoughts. The animal kingdom surely proves that.

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1 Response to Diversity

  1. Susie says:

    A great topic for today, since I saw today, for the first time ever, a baby horned toad. I’ve seen lots of grown ones, but this was the first tiny one I ever seen. It was less than an inch long. Our Creator was certainly imaginative!

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