A Kinder Gentler Summer

I think we’re having what used to be called Indian summer this week. Thankfully, it is a kinder, gentler summer than the real one was. The temps have been in the mid-80s, the sun has shown and everyone wants to be outside. It’s too bad that July and August couldn’t have been like this.

Adding to the enjoyment is the performance of the Cardinals baseball team. They were not regarded as being able to be in the playoffs but, by hook or crook, somehow they managed to heat up the bats when they had to and sharpen up the pitching and fielding and won the “wild card” spot in the divisional playoffs. Last night they managed to win this first series of play-off games, playing against Philadelphia which was regarded as the best team in the league. Locally, we’re wondering how much the Rally Squirrel had to do with their victory.

The series started in Philadelphia for two games and then moved to St. Louis for two games with the final one, if needed (it was), to be back in Philadelphia. At one of the games in St. Louis, a squirrel got on the infield. It ran across home plate while one of the players was batting. Someone put up a Twitter site for the squirrel and he garnered almost 900 followers in a matter of mere moments.

The groundskeepers have baited some traps to try to catch the squirrel — or squirrels — and move them elsewhere. I should think that maybe they shouldn’t worry about them in case they’ve brought the victories with them.  We’re on to the semi-finals now. Wonder if the team will make it to the World Series?

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