Losing Readers/Thoughts on Employment

It appears, based on stats on my blog, that I am losing readers. I guess I’ve just not be writing interesting posts. Not sure what to do to get readers back. If you are a reader, what kind of posts do you like the best?

I’ve been giving some thought to employment issues recently. Don’t know if I mentioned that I got a job as a knitting instructor at the new JoAnn’s. I’m not really a JoAnn employee but rather an independent contractor. So far, this hasn’t proved to be a good source of supplemental income. For who knows what reason, the knitting classes I’ve contracted to teach haven’t been listed in the calendar of classes. Sunday I filled in for another knitting teacher who was an employee of the store. He quit so someone to cover his classes was needed. With a time change on the schedule from morning to afternoon, I filled in for him on Sunday. One of the students thanked me for filling in for him which I thought was nice.

That class got me to thinking about my teaching style. I could not make one student understand what she was to do. The other two “got it” but she just didn’t. I think she left the store very frustrated and I will be very surprised if she continues to try to learn to knit.

I got a call from a soliciter for a charity … our truck will be on your street kind of call. I noticed it was a man who called instead of the more common woman. I wondered what kind of things was taking place in his life that he would take such a low-paying job. I give him credit for doing what he could to provide an income for his family.

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  1. ray says:

    Still here. 🙂

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