What Did I See?

Recently I’ve seen two unusual — at least to me — vehicles. I’m not sure what you’d call them or where you would buy them.

The first looked sort of like to race cars described in novels set in the 1920s and 1930s, I think. I was behind it at a stoplight and noticed the rear tires. They were the widest tires I’ve ever seen. I don’t think I’m exaggerating to say the treads were 12 inches wide. In contrast, the front tires were narrow things, probably no wider than three inches. As I watched the car pull away from the light, I wondered where you would buy such a car and where you’d get those tires. Are they readily available or do you have to special order them from one of the tire companies?

A few days later I saw a three-wheeled vehicle. This was not a tricycle like some older adults use. It had two wheels in the front and one in the back. I’ve never seen anything like it. Again I was left wondering where you would buy such a thing and more particularly why you would want one.

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1 Response to What Did I See?

  1. fillyjonk says:

    There was an old British car – Reliant Robin, maybe? That was a three-wheeler with two wheels up front. I think there are a few small companies or kit-builders that make unusual vehicles, maybe one of those was what you saw.

    I’ve also seen three-wheeled motorcycles; they’re a bit larger and heavier looking than a typical motorcycle, but they have one wheel in the front and two in the back, so that’s not what you saw.

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